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Through my Eyes

I am from the beautiful and uniquely interesting California, the west coast paradise of Ventura County. My style of photography Is full variety. I like to travel and shoot my surroundings, scenic views, and just anything that catches my eye and gives my mind an interesting perspective. I love art and everything that has hart in it, which is mostly everything. Beauty, to me, is art, and I can find it in everything. Lately, I've been getting more into more professional setting shots. Photography, to me, is part of my life now. It hasn't been in my life long (about eight years now). Once photography became part of my life, after a Europe trip, i couldn't let it go, it changed my world and my perspective on life. i loved the way it made me think, and the mental shift it did on my mind. And now i am here, enjoying every moment of it. I Love life, everything and anything can inspire me at any particular time in my photography Journey. That is the gist about me and my photography life.  

Our Approach

I love taking pictures of what captures my interest; I have a wide range of interest when it comes to photography. As you can see by my profile, I have a wide range. I genuinely enjoy working with models and alone, just doing candid photography. I look for that special spark that in every frame that separates me from the rest, I have an artistic eye and I fully exploit it. My goals in photography are to fully reach my artist's side and share it through my photography. My tools of preference are a variety of lenses and my Canon DSLR.

Looking forward to working with you. Reach out to us, let's talk and make that perfect vision of yours a photographic reality

What to Expect

I am flexible to any ideas my clients might have, willing to explore and go on a journey to get the vision just the way my clients want it. First, we consult, either through phone, video call or in-person about your idea and how to make it happen, what we will need, how much time will be required, and all those details that get in the way while shooting. Once we have all that squared away, we go on our photographic journey to achieve our client's vision. Let's get started!

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